Mini Muks Daycare Centre 

We have converted this property into a Licensed Child Care Facility. Ma-Mow-We-Tak Mini Muks Daycare Centre will assist with addressing the child care shortage within the City of Thompson. The daycare has a total of 50 spaces available: 4 infant (12 weeks-2 years); 32 pre-school (2-5 years); 14 school age (6-12 years). We offer a hot meal and snack program as well as a morning, lunch and after-school program for school age children. For more information please contact the Daycare Coordinator at 204-677-0335.  
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New Beginnings – The Connection for Aboriginal Children   
This program is a licensed pre-school facility, which continues to strive to meet the needs of children ages 0-6, emphasizing on children ages 3-5 with the necessary skills needed in order to prepare them for kindergarten. Attendance and parental involvement play a large role in the progress of the participants, and enhancement of the programs activities. All activities are delivered in a holistic, inclusive manner. New Beginnings continues to strive to enrich the lives of young Aboriginal children and their families through programming designed to meet their cultural, social, emotional, intellectual, nutritional, and physical needs. For further information please contact the New Beginnings Coordinator at 204-677-0980.