​Breakfast Selections  

MMWT Breakfast Special   $8.50 per person 
(Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Hash browns & Toast) 
Bannock Breakfast Sandwich  
(egg, cheese, bacon/ham) $5.20 per person 
Muffins $1.20 per person Chilled Juices (64 oz pitcher) 
Orange, Apple & Tomato    $6.90  

Lunch Course Selections 

Homemade Soups   $4.15 per person 
(beef barley/noodle, chicken rice/noodle and mushroom) 
Sandwiches   $4.60 per person 
(roast beef, ham, turkey, corned beef, tuna, egg and salmon) 
Wraps   $5.50 per person 
(roast beef, ham, turkey, cheese, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce) 
Indian Taco’s     $5.50 per person 
Open Face Bannock Sandwiches (2)    $2.05 per person 
(egg, tuna, smashed ham and salmon) 
Chili/Bannock    $10.95 per person 
Stew/Bannock    $12.10 per person 
Lasagna/Caesar Salad    $12.10 per person  
 Main Course Selections 
*Main courses include side of potatoes or wild rice, salad, veggie, bannock and dessert 
Sweet & Sour Meatballs    $20.60 per person  
Ham     $20.60 per person 
Roast Beef    $20.60 per person 
Turkey    $19.40 per person 
Our Specialty 
Pickerel(includes side of potatoes or wild rice, salad, veggie, bannock, and dessert)    $22.50 per person 
Bannock Pizza/Salad    $12.30 per person 
MMWT Fruit Punch (5 gallons)    $41.80 
Bannock (Slab)    $18.30 
Bannock (Slab with jam/butter)    $24.25 

Salad Selections 

Potato, Pasta, Coleslaw    $1.40 per person 
Tossed Salad  $1.85 per person 
Greek Salad    $2.00 per person 
Caesar Salad    $1.50 per person 
Chef Salad    $3.00 per person 

Break Menu Tray Selections (serves 25)    $19.40 per person 

Vegetable Tray   $54.85   
Seasonal Fruit Tray   $61.75 
Meat Tray   $60.65 
Garlic Sausage Tray    $50.00 
Cheese Tray    $42.65 
Dainty Tray    $25.75 
Cracker Tray    $15.25 
Pickle Tray    $18.25 

Dessert Selections 

Cherry-Cha-Cha, Death by Chocolate, Crisps (Blueberry & Apple),  
 Raisin Cake, Chocolate Cake, White Cake, Pies (Blueberry, Cherry, Apple, Pumpkin, Raisin, Strawberry/Rhubarb),  
$1.85 per person 

Beverage Selections 

Coffee/Tea Carafe (50 cups)    $60.60 
Coffee/Tea Carafe (12 cup)    $14.60 
Iced Tea/Peach/Grape/Orange & Tropical Drink 
(64 oz pitcher)    $6.95 

Whether it is a business meeting, conference, forum or just a get together, let Ma-Mow-We-Tak take care of all your catering needs. Contact us at 204-677-0950.

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